Toilet Marital Problem Funny Meme

Toilet Marital Problem Funny Meme
Toilet – Marital Problem Funny Meme
I recently had an arranged marriage and brought my wife home. But ever since she’s come home, she’s been complaining of the Indian Toilet in our house. She say she’s used to a Western toilet since childhood, and cannot adapt to this. Since she’s acting too high-flying because of her education, I tried to explain to her that even science says that Indian toilets are better that Western. But she just refuses to understand, and has now stopped eating completely, so she doest not have to go to our Indian toilet. I don’t care whether she eats or not, but I cannot tolerate her disrespecting our Indian culture. Should I divorce her?
– Indian Husband

Dear Indian Husband,
Sorry, I cannot answer you question in the current form. You’ve sent your question via email, which not Indian culture. Send it via a pigeon, and I’ll answer.

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